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About Manilenyo

The Blog

A personal blog about living in davao – Davao City through the eyes of a Manilenyo – which aims to impart to the readers some knowledge about this beautiful place and try to answer the how, why, when, where, and who in Davao City.

See how someone who was born and raised in Manila live in Davao, mingle with the folks, and live the Davao way.

December 3, 2007 – i changed the blog title from Taga Davao to Manilenyo in Davao. The url stays the same.

More of me here.

The Contents

I always make it a point to mention my sources. Most of the posts here in my blog comes from news sites and other blogs. I don’t intend to plagiarize or take other people’s work for my credit.

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1. My permission; or
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Also, you may not copy, use, display, or distribute my original photos without my permission. All original photos are for non-commercial / non profit use.

Exception shall be given to owners of where my blog is being hosted.

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All comments are subject to moderation. I, being the owner, shall read and evaluate all messages either before or after posting. I have the right to modify or delete comments which maybe deemed as inappropriate based on my understanding and beliefs.

All edited or modified comments shall be labeled appropriately for reader information.

Spam comments shall be deleted outright.

This blog is governed by the Terms of Use of wordpress, existing Philippine Laws and International Treaties.

All visitors are required to read my policy on contents and privacy and I reserve the right to change or modify its contents from time to time as I deem it appropriate.

If you feel you have been violated by my posts, please contact me right away [buddymigs @]

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