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The other side of covering Kadayawan 2014

August 17, 2014

The other side of covering Kadayawan Festival. (“Mawalang galang na po sir, kumukuha ako ng litrato. Patabi po.”)
By: Jojie Alcantara

[Re-posting with permission]

Davao Police Kadayawan 2014

Davao Police Kadayawan 2014

For more than a decade, I have been giving so much praise to my festival as topping my list of huge organized activities. But when I retired from doing TV coverage in 2012, I left my prestigious post near the stage where I had the best vantage views for a photographer and host. Saturday was an eye opener for me when I roamed the streets like other photographers. Unencumbered by a microphone, I only had my media sticker pass as access, to what I have no idea.

Davao Police Kadayawan 2014

Davao Police Kadayawan 2014

Marshalls, police and other guards were treating photographers, both hobbyists and media like juveniles out to ruin a parade performance. At 7am, excitement was dashed when a female policeman shouted to photographers as if she was barking to kids na “nagapabadlong”, constantly telling everyone they have no right to be near the stage because it is for the judges (“hawa mo diri, wala mo kasabot?”). But the show hasn’t started yet. She could have easily told people very politely and courteously, but she lashed out on anyone holding a camera. I wish I could have given her MX3 to subside the high blood pressure.

As photojournalists, bloggers and hobbyists, we carry heavy gears in the streets to capture great photos that will speak highly of the festival. We have assignments cut out for us. We are ambassadors of goodwill. We are not keeping these photos to ourselves but putting it on paper, print and social media to declare how more fun it is in Davao City.

Instead, marshalls like these stand in front of you whether or not you have your lens pointed at the performers, and aside from constantly pushing you back in line and telling you off, will ignore your ID and cameras and treat you without any courtesy and politeness. Sadly, the media sticker has no value at all. You may be doing your job, but so are we.

They may not have directly shouted at me, but I have seen more than enough not to cover the float parade today. I am greatly disappointed.

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  1. November 12, 2014 8:44 am

    My husband is a blogger and he always goes to Kadayawan to take pictures. He doesn’t had a media sticker like most of the photographers blogging is just his hobbie. And yes this years Kadayawan is a bit more strict than usual.
    Sabi pa nga niya to one i dunno(police/marshal/traffic enforcers) he just taking a picture. Bakit bawal lumapit? Taking quality shoots is getting harder nowadays in Kadayawan.

    Off the topic: hope you visit my new site on the soon to rise condo in Doña Pilar :

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