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Manilenyo in Davao condemns the killings in Maguindanao

November 24, 2009

43 people massacred.. let me repeat that.. massacred. Why? Because of Politics. Are there any other reasons that we can think of aside from that one.. sole reason? None. Innocent victims such as supporters and even 21 journalists who were just there to cover the event. Killed. brutally murdered.. while some decapitated.

Pic from source

Ruthless. senseless. Justice should be served.

Gobyerno… umaksyon kayo! Wag kayong tatanga-tanga sa pansitan!

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  1. xena permalink
    December 4, 2009 3:46 pm

    nang mga nakalipas na buwan maraming kapwa natin pilipino ang namatay dahil sa matitinding bagyo na tumama sa bansa, nakakalungkot ang kanilang magpanaw, pero mas masakit isipin ang nangyaring maguindanao massacred dahil kapwa din natin tao ang pumatay sa mga kapatid natin sa maguindanao.
    (pero sa tingin ko pisikal lang nila ang tao.)

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