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2009 Kadayawan sidelines: Indak-indak

August 25, 2009

Here are some photos and stories you might have missed during the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan street parade for this year’s Kadayawan Festival..

First and foremost, the heavy security at the parade grounds. There were even 2 checkpoints before you reach the parade route.

Kadayawan 09 others

The empty street or C. M. Recto before the start of the parade

Kadayawan 09 others-3

The tired girl scout even if the parade has not yet started.

Kadayawan 09 others-1

The sakateboarder who is taking the opportunity to traverse the parade grounds before the activity starts.

Kadayawan 09 others-2

The buko juice vendor who seems to be prepared for the event.

Kadayawan 09 others-5

The ever reliable street sweepers keeping the parade ground clean.

Kadayawan 09 others-6

Retouching during breaks…

Kadayawan 09 others-8

A vendor selling “Maskara”  or mask. Ummm.. he might be on the wrong festival as masks are used in the MassKara festival of Bacolod.

Kadayawan 09 others-9


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