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Davao Lotto winner reveals secret of winning

March 24, 2009

I came across this blog They have an article about the Dabawenyo Lotto jackpot winner.


A Filipino jackpot winner who won one of the country’s biggest lotto jackpot prizes last year has revealed in an exclusive interview with the East Asia Trading Post that a small red booklet titled “How To Win Lotto” helped him come up with the winning numbers that won him 145 million pesos ( around US$3,000,000).

So, the secret is the red booklet!

The winner who pleaded not to be named, said that he bought the small red booklet in this southern city from a bookstore and just kept reading it until he understood how a lotto “winning system” works.

The system, according to this jackpot winner, helps him produce all the “high frequency” numbers to narrow down his final number combinations that led him to win one of last year’s biggest lotto jackpot here.

To make sure it works, he said he bought the “system bet” of the PCSO to reinforce the winning chances of his carefully-selected six set of number combination. “To be frank with you, I just did it for the fun of it- I had some doubts that it would work, that it’s just all nonsense”

With the pre-draw activities that makes sure that there’s no “hoola boola” with the lotto draw, i don’t think there’s a scientific or mathematical way of calculating what the next numbers will be. 

Let’s see… maybe there really is!

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  1. Maria Crispy permalink
    September 26, 2010 10:37 pm

    Greetings. please help me to get out from crisis. give lotto numbers that is surely win.. thanks


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