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Davao Cocoa is high priced Chocolate in the US

March 23, 2009

75A reader was asking about the reported Cocoa of Davao which is now marketed as chocolate in the United States. Yes its true! The Davao Cocoa is now being sold in the US as  “Davao, Philippines 77% chocolate bar”.

The first cacao brought to Asia in 1600 was grown in the Philippines and Askinosie Chocolate is the first to export Filipino cocoa beans in nearly twenty-five years. The beans used to make this tantalizing bar are very exclusive, making the Davao, Philippines chocolate bar uniquely exotic. There has never before been a single origin bar from the Philippines and the purveyors at Askinosie Chocolate can now add this new bar to their list of many firsts.  Josephine Ramos of the Cacao Foundation of the Philippines says, “Askinosie Chocolate is the first chocolate maker in the world to export our historic cocoa beans since the mid-1980ʼs. We are excited about [Askinosieʼs] work with farmers so that people around the world can share in the taste of what our cocoa beans can produce.”

the Davao bar is the chocolatiest-tasting bar from Askinosie yet. Ari Weinzweig, Founder of the world famous Zingermanʼs Deli says of the 77% bar, “Dark and deep with a touch of toastiness, itʼs dry like a full bodied well aged red wine. This bar is compelling in its own East Asian way.” After working for over a year and a half to source these Filipino beans, the work has definitely paid off.

Now, Davao is not only a place, but also a chocolate Bar.

An 85 gram bar is being sold for $8. I hope they can sell it here too so that we can also enjoy the taste. But I’ve already tasted Davao’s Cocoa…. and yes its really good!

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  1. February 10, 2010 4:55 am

    Hi Migs

    Just wondering where can you get Davao chocolate in Manila? Thanks!


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