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DFAT 09: Day 1 – Tadakuma and Lachi’s

March 17, 2009

The 2009 Davao Food Appreciation Tour kicked off last March 13, 2009 with guest participant bloggers from Manila and from Davao City meeting each other at the first stop of the Davao FAT leg… Tadakuma Japanese Restaurant.


I wasn’t able to join on this first resto but i’ve already tasted the great food treats from Tadakuma with Davao Blogger Friends.

My favorites here in Tadakuma is their Seafood Rice and Gyoza. Their seafood rice really give struth to the saying “Kanin pa lang, Ulam na”. The Gyoza, based from the internet search results, is a chinese food which is now a big hit in Japan – and now in Davao! Its like lumpia but prepared (mixed) and cooked in another way. You must try it.


If ask people here in Davao where to eat Japanese food, they would surely say Tadakuma.


If they had Tadakuma for lunch, Lachi’s Sansrival atbp was for dinner.

Well, I’ve already written a lot of posts about Lachi’s, they were part of the first ever 2008 Davao Food Trip and i’ve already tried most of their meals but they have prepared a new treat for the Davao FAT participants…  Laing Spaghetti. waaaaaaaaaaaa.. I can’t imagine Laing in a spag! But the participants who loved laing said it was good! (well, is there any “not good” meal at Lachi’s? ).

Lachi’s is now a tourist destination here in Davao. I hope they’ll expand or branch out. If not, they’ll have a big problem catering to the growing number of Lachi’s Fans!

May favorite food at Lachi’s is the unforgetable pork ribs. Just say unforgetable and they’ll know what to prepare.  Don’t ask for the best seller, coz everything you see in the Menu are best sellers.

You can’t leave Davao City without eating at Lachi’s. And once you do, you’ll carve for more. Don’t take my word for it and the numerous posts about Lachi’s that you will see online. Try it… Try it NoW!

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