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15 reasons to visit Davao

March 4, 2009

I came across the blog of  Maxkgates, a guy  from Ireland who loves visiting Davao City and he gave 15 reasons why… Here’s his list:


Davao city is my favourite city in the Philippines, I am from Ireland and have visited there many times, I am fascinated by this lovely place, how can I put it in simple words, it is simply paradise, I have friends in Malaybalay, this is a mountain town around 3 hours away in the bus, the last time I went there from Davao it was 300 peso around 6 dollars, Malaybalay is another town I would recommend , I believe its the Pineaplle capital of the Philippines.

O.K let me get started on Davao, why would I recommend Davao? my main reasons are listed below,

  1. The place is so cheap, beer is the cheapest in the Philippines, hence cost of going out cost a lot less.
  2. The food is very cheap, you can get great seafood, including lobster at the fraction of the cost of other cities in the Philippines.
  3. The air is very clean, the taxis use gas, very good for the environment, also there is no smoking in public, sorry to you smokers out there (well I am not that sorry, no more smelly clothes and effects to my health from your cigarettes ,as Davao is a smoke free city, you can only smoke in your own premises, you can not smoke in hotels.
  4. City is really safe, I think it has one of the lowest crime rates in Asia.
  5. Fruit is plentiful and cheap: The Durian fruit is magnificant, I believe Davao is the Durian capital of the world, Durian fruit has a smelly reputation some describe it as smelling like dirty socks, but I love it, the Durian shakes are magnificant.
  6. Taxis are cheap too, they don’t overcharge (o.k there is a minimal risk, so, so low compared to anywhere else I have ever visited)
  7. The weather is warm and tropical, great for the beach, it can rain buckets too though.
  8. The town never sleeps, places open 24 hours to buy DIm sum or some convenience items.
  9. Also the place does not feel like a city ( Davao is one of the largest cities in the world , land area size)
  10. Easy to get to in the Philippines, lots of planes service Davao from all over the Philippines.
  11. People are so friendly, really friendly people, their smile will light up your face.
  12. Beaches are great, Samal Island and Paradise beach, I very much recommend to visit there.
  13. Nightlife is very good and safe, yes and more cheap beer, I recommend the Venue, its my favourite place.
  14. Great shopping, the malls are really big here but I suppose that’s like everywhere else in the Philippines.
  15. Great Festivals such as the Davao city Octoberfest beer festival and the Kadayawan festival.

Just last week, some friends came over and said they also love Davao City and will surely be back for more of what Davao has to offer!

So what’s your I love Davao story?

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  1. February 11, 2010 2:45 pm

    abundance of fruits, availability of seafoods, and easy lifestyle

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