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Mangga Lambanog

January 24, 2009

Have you tried Mango flavored Lambanog? (Arrack in english)

Lambanog is an alcholic beverage known for its potency (it is sold in 80 or 90 proof variations). It is primarily produced in the Quezon Province of the Philippines, or about 143 kilometers southeast of Manila. The lambanog making process has been a tradition passed down through generations of coconut plantation farmers in this region. In fact, the Mallari distillery was established in 1918. source


I smelled it.. it has this smell… Then i remembered something like it when i was in high school during our Science class inside the lab!

I love lambanog! though i’m not a heavy drinker. I’m just a social user drinker (hmmm.. i’ve heard that recently on the news). I prefer lambanog more than Gin or Beer!

I’ve already tasted plain lambanog.. then other flavored lambanoog such as apple, bubble gum, grapes, and ginger!

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