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Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2009 (DFAT 09)

January 14, 2009


The time to build those love handles is nearing once again!

Ria just sent out an email to the lucky few bloggers from Manila who will be able to join other bloggers for this year’s Davao Food Appreciation Tour or DFAT!

It seems like it was only yesterday when we – Blogie, Ria, Andrew, and Winston – had the first Davao FAT with other bloggers from Davao and neighboring cities. 3 Days of EATING… eating at the best restos in Davao!

For more about DFAT, head on to

For establishment who would like to be part of the DFAT (let bloggers dine in your resto or try out your service – big or small company) or whatever goodies you’d want to give out.. you may contact Blogie Robillo here or you may leave a comment with your email address here and we will contact you!

So what’s in it for businesses who will be part of the DFAT…. well.. bloggers blogging about your product or service! 

Expect more posts about DFAT!

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