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A Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2 remember

October 28, 2008

This is the second of three parts of my MBS2 experience. Read part 1 here.

The 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit started with a loud applause from the participants. Joanna and I read the long list of sponsors which help made this year’s MBS free and better than the first MBS.

We called this year’s lead summit organizer, Mr. Bariles himself and proud owner of, Avel Manansala. He welcomed the participants and gave a brief overview of the summit.

Most of the pics you’ll see below are from the Picasa Web Album of Raphael Banta

Next to speak was Oliver “Blogie” Robillo who gave a quick background on the history of MBS.

The city government of General Santos City was one of the generous supporter of this year’s MBS. The message of the City Mayor of GenSan, Hon. Mayor Pedro B. Acharon Jr., was read by his representative, the beautiful, Councilor Meg Santos, who is also the chairman of the committee on education in the city council. The speech, as i commented during the program, was the best speech that I’ve heard so far from all the blogging events that i’ve been to. It talks about blogging as understood by a non blogger. I hope the great Mayor will find the time to also be engaged in blogging. I will post a copy the speech of Mayor Jun (as he is called by his constituents).

After which, it was time to hear from the speakers of this year’s MBS.

This year’s theme: Mindanawon Pamintawon, Intawon: Blogging the Mindanao Consciousness.

First to speak was Mr. Pierre Tito Galla with the topic “Looking South: An outsider pundits about Mindanao Politicis, History, and Commentary”. Pierre, who is known in the online world as the Jester in Exile, is a Manilenyo like me. He writes for The Filipino Voices.

Above pic from work with ria.

Next was Mr. Walter Balane who talked about the “Voices  from Mindanao Heartroots. Notes on Life and living in the Communities. Mr. Balane’s blog, Istambay sa Mindanao, is one of my favorite blogs.

(still looking for a photo of Walter at MBS2)

AT this point, snacks were served.

The third speaker of the day was Mr. Hector “Hecky” Minoza who gave his thoughts on the topic “Mindanao Consciousness: Reshaping Social Outlook and Identity“. Sir Hecky is a consultant of the United Nations regarding Peace. I’d love to hear more of his talk, however, i had to cut him short because we were pressed with time.

A brief open forum followed with some questions asked by the delegates to the 3 speakers.

Lunch was served. Provided by Family Country Hotel and Convention Center’s catering service. Everyone had a hard time standing up from their seats after a complete and hearty lunch.

The next part of the summit was all about Blogging as the new social media where several tips about blogging were given by the speakers.

First to provide her insights was my good friend, Ms. Aileen Apolo, the Country consultant of Google here in the Philippines. As always, Aileen’s talk drew attention from everyone in the room. She has this magnetic effect that everyone tends to focus their attention to her whenever she is in front.

Another good friend and one of the core members of the Mindanao Bloggers, gave her talk about “Blogging the entrepreneurial way of life”. Ms. Ria Jose, dubbed as the “Queen Blogger of the South”, shared her knowledge and experience with her blogs and how she uses it for her ventures.

(still looking for a photo of Ria at MBS2)

One of the most “wowed” talks was from Mr. Bobby Timonera who was assigned with the topic about Photoblogging. Sir Bobby showed some great pictures. I was amazed by how he also captured not only the moment, but also the story behind it. Really marvelous.

Some bloggers were also given the chance to ask questions to the speakers during an open forum.

A “shout outs” portion was included in the program were several bloggers were given 15 minutes to share their experiences with blogging, based from their chosen niche and be able to provide additional tips to the participants.

First on the shout out list was an active Davao Blogger, Remo-tito Aguilar fondly called “The Bone Doc” He is a doctor by profession who loves to blog about his outdoor adventures.

I was also included in the list of speakers for the shout outs. I gave a very quick talk about Blogging about Technology. A brief answer to the how, why, and what about tech blogging. I will post my talk on my tech blog: Migs Mobile Network.

A student blogger from GenSan was also given the opportunity to share his experience being a student blogger. Conrad Miguel Gozalo gave an interesting talk about this. A timely topic as there were a lot of student bloggers who participated in the event.

Food is one of the best topics to blog about. And my good friend Oliver “Blogie” Robillo, the convener of the Mindanao Bloggers and lead organizer of the successful Wordcamp Philippines, gave his insights on blogging about food.

Mark Aethan Agana, a blogger from Marbel, and a member of the organizing team of this year’s MBS, talked about being an Advocacy Blogger.

Manilenyo in Davao has been my way of sharing some facts that i know about Davao City, a place that I have already loved. Just like Bariles Republic’s, a place blog which talks about General Santos City. Avel Manansala, its owner, shared how he started his own place blog and how to maintain it.

The next shout out was a surprise given by the organizers to all of the participants. Mr. Lyle Santos, a registered nurse who now blogs full time, talked about how to optimize blogs, based from his experience. His blog ranks 3rd on the recent released list of the top 100 blogs according to

Finally, it was the part of the summit where the resolution was read and offered to the delegates. A copy of which can be found here. All delegates and those who would like to support the cause of the Mindanao Bloggers, should give their firm commitment by placing a comment on the resolution.

The main part of the whole day event ended with all the delegates having a renewed understanding about blogging and have been provided with the arsenal of knowledge that they need to improve their Mindanao blogging life.

Continue reading part 3

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