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Lost opportunity for Davao

October 18, 2008

I was blog hopping when i bumped into a post from Beng. She is in Germany working as a web designer and has a webhosting business with her husband, who is a Doctor , and lovely kids.

She had plans of going back here in the Philippines with her whole family. And they had dreams of putting up a modern clinic and a laboratory in Davao City – with new and up to date facilities – mostly intended for tourist and expats but will also cater for all residents of Davao, neigboring towns and provinces.

They were able to build the dream clinic…

but not in her dream place,, not in Davao

Why? read on..

She writes:

Akala ko/namin dahil may mga kaibigan kaming naka upo sa may talampakan ni GMA, (who promised to help us) things will be easier for us. That is what we thought, but later I realized that almost everything is different in real. Every move that I made means dukot sa bulsa, which was tiring in the long run at nakakaloka dahil slow ang feedback. Sa madaling salita, bago natapos ang June…95% ko nang alam na hindi matutuloy ang aming plano due to several ek-ek.

Hindi sa pagmamayabang but we were ready to invest €XXX,XXX.XX.

After reading her post, my blood level rose. Another missed opportinity, not for Beng, but for the Dabawenyos, for the Philippines. Why? Hey, it’s not everyday that you’d expect a pinoy/pinay already living well in another land to go back here and put up a business.

Sayang… sobrang sayang.. 

Yes, there are advance facilities here in Davao city, over at Davao Doctors, Mindanao Heart center, etc. And there might be simillar clinics around Davao like what Beng wanted, but Beng’s plans would have added to the choices. Added to the income of the Local Governemnt from taxes.. could have added to the tourism aspect if Beng’s clinic becomes known to tourists and expats. Beng also said: 

Hubby and I had also planned of opening a charity medical organization for the less fortunate kababayan natin diyan. To give free consultation and medication baga sana.

How many stories like Beng’s is out there? Those ready to invest their life’s savings and return here in the Philippines, help your fellow pinoys and the economy. I don’t know that number.. but what i know is that corruption and “lagay” system is really rampant flourishing here in the country. 

I commented in her post that she should have seen the good Mayor Duterte and maybe he could provide assistance to her. But she was shy to do so. =>

I’m writing about Beng’s story so that i could share with you not only her disappintment but mine too. And I hope the government can do something about issues like this so as not to discourage our kababayans from going back here and investing. But it won’t happen today.. i think not in 2 years.. nor in 5 years time. 

I’m sure beng will return here in the Philippines and put up her dream clinic, in her dream location. Someday.

Beng writes in her own blog called Kauderwelsch.

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  1. suddenserenity permalink
    October 18, 2008 6:03 pm

    “Ganun talaga ang PINAS mga pre! kaya ala Asenso!”

    Kaya hindi umuunlad ang ATIN bansa ay dahil rin sa mga tao na kumukunsinti sa mga corrupt officials. Sa atin sarili kaya naman natin baguhin yan, maniwala ka lang na may asenso pa rin sa PINAS, makakatulong ka na sa bansa natin.

    @kj Malc, have a great day ahead 🙂

  2. October 18, 2008 7:04 pm

    It’s just too bad. Well, I think you shouldn’t have contacted politicians, and I agree, do not show much capital. It’s better to open up a business here with low “declared” capital. It’s advantageous to you specially with the fees and taxes. 😀

  3. October 20, 2008 6:30 pm


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