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Dayo Movie Bloggers event

October 4, 2008

Blogging live here at Makati City. Several bloggers are here at the Cutting Edge Productions for the Dayo Movie Event.


It was a day full of animation and suspense!

Suspense in a sense that we were given a glimpse of the movie in its raw format and I had the feeling of wanting more!

I’ve written about Dayo in my Buddy Blogs where i also said that i’m excited about the movie!

More than 30 bloggers were invited to witness the making of Dayo, the first ALL DIGITAL FULLY ANIMATED movie. This means that a computer was used from drawing.. up to animation. Unlike previous animated films.. 

We were given a tour at their animation studios and got to mingle with the ones responsible for “giving life” to the characters.

Dayo is in its final stages of production and will be finished by next month.. 

We were able to do an interview with Mr. Jessie Lasaten, the Executive Producer and the person behind the sound in the movies ANAK, Bata bata pano ka ginawa, etc.

We were also able to have some chit-chat with the Director of Dayo, Robert Quilao.

I will be posting these interviews soon..

More about Dayo on my next posts in this blog and at

Thanks to RedMedia and to Brader Blogie and to the great staff and Management team of Cutting Edge Productions.

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  1. October 28, 2008 5:44 pm

    Thanks for covering the meet up for us. See you at the movies.

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