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Vacation during Kadayawan sa Davao

August 14, 2008

I’m sure a lot of tourist will be flocking Davao City either from nearby provinces here in the Davao Region, within Mindanao, or those from Luzon and Visayas.

So, let me help you plan your trip here in Davao.

For you to have a truly wonderful time here, i suggest you stay for at least 5 days. Lets say you start/arrive here in Davao on August 20.

August 20- Day 1: Go around the City.. uptown, downtown and side town =p

For first time visitors, it is a must that you first get a feel of the city…

Don’t exhaust yourself on your first day. Take it easy.
August 21 – Day 2: Beach/Scuba diving
August 22 – Day 3: Be one with Nature.. with some adventure
August 23 – Day 4: Parade!
This year will be different.. there will be a separate parade and prize for the Davao participants and mindanao participants.. the parade will start in the Morning with only the entries for the whole Mindanao. After lunch, its time for the Davao entries to do their parade and after that both Davao and Mindanao will battle it out.
So expect a WHOLE DAY parade.
August 24 – Day 5: Floral Parade and pasalubong day!
  • Morning: Watch the floral Parade. I got word that this year’s parade will have more entries than the previous years!
  • Afternoon: Mall and Pasalubong day
  • buy fruits fruits fruits!
  • Food Trip
Then take the last flight back home. Or travel the Next day.
As you can see, you will be out most of the day so i suggest take a less expensive room for your lodging needs. Coz you’ll only be using it for.. ummm.. resting.

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