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Blogger Friendly Caffe Firenzo

August 4, 2008

I’m here at Caffe Frienzo… a new café in town.

Its now quarter before 9pm and so the cozzzy lights are on. I’ve been wanting to try out this place since i saw it opened about two weeks i go (if i’m not mistaken). The first thing that you’ll notice are the nice interiors… coupled with the nice lighting. I’m sitting here at the sofa.. i wana lie down! hahahha

There’s also a room where smokers can puff all they want. And a function room for about 25-30 people.

I ordered apple flavored Hot tea. My friend ordered mocha latte.

They said that their best seller so far is the Berryssimo… a mixture of 4 berries in one. I tried it and liked it for its not that sweet. You can really taste different berries.

Caffe Firenzo serves Lavazza coffee from Italy.

They also have other items on their menu like sandwiches, salads, pasta.. and Pizza!

(note: the pics were taken using the Sony Ericsson W960i)

What i liked more about this place is the friendly service. The moment I came in with my laptop, the attendant followed me and offered to help me plug my gadget. (Note: experience may varry ok?) Of course, there’s free Wi-Fi for all!

I had a quick chat with the Manager, Michelle Estabillo who answered some of my queries. Thank also to her for the warm welcome to their place.

Caffe Firenzo is located at Damosa Gateway IT Park (in one of the new building there).

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