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Additional P10 on your actual taxi fare

August 3, 2008

I was surprised that the taxi driver asked for and additional P10.00 aside from the actual taxi fare indicated on the meter plus the 8.00 tip that I gave.

He pointed me to this sticker:

I know that there was a ruling to add an additional P10.00.. But i didn’t know when it was going to be effective. =p

For the taxi  operators/owners, I think this is better than re-calibrating the taxi meter which they have to spend some thousands of dollars and have to line-up their cabs at the LTFRB office.

But this maybe confusing for the riding public. Because we pay what the meter says… and then the taxi driver would say ” sir/mam, P10.00 pa po”.

I smell trouble for those taxi drivers with passengers who are foreigners. I saw once in Makati an angry taxi driver because 2 Koreans only paid him P20.00 even if the taxi meter showed P50.00.

But then again, it just boils down to proper and correct information dissemination. If everyone is informed, then there would be no problem. And hopefully, with this post, you have been informed.

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  1. witness permalink
    August 4, 2008 4:07 pm

    is this in davao? eep!

  2. migs permalink*
    February 11, 2009 4:07 pm

    Update: Tinanggal na po ang additional 10.00 Tip.

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