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Public Service: Claims for Sulpicio tragedy victims

June 30, 2008

I am re-posting here the official announcement of Sulpicio Lines with regards to claims for compensation for those affected by the MV Princess of the Star tragedy. This is to help in the dissemination of information.

Sulpicio Lines, Inc. has decided to cast aside legal technicalities and waive the waiting period of one year within which missing passengers will be compensated. Instead, the legal heirs of ALL VICTIMS LISTED IN THE PASSENGER MANIFEST will be paid the amount of Two Hundred Thousand Pesos regardless of whether the bodies have been recovered or are still missing, and regardless of whether the bodies have been identified or not up to this time.

We therefore invite the next of kin or legal heirs of every passenger-victim (casualties) listed in the PASSENGER MANIFEST to fill up A CLAIM FORM which can be obtained from our Manila office at Pier 12, North Harbor, Manila or from our Cebu office at Reclamation Area, Cebu City, and submit this to either office, together with the following supporting documents (original copy):

1. Birth Certificate and Marriage Contract of victims;
2. Birth Certificate and Marriage Contract of claimant/s;
3. Valid cedula and government ID of the claimant/s;
4. Voter’s ID of the victim and claimant/s (if available or deemed necessary);
5. Affidavit of relationship of the claimant/s to the victim;
6. Death Certificate (if available).

There is no need to hire the services of a lawyer because the claims will be acted upon with dispatch and with as simple documentation as possible.

The PASSENGER MANIFEST is posted in conspicuous places at the office of Sulpicio Lines, Inc. in Manila and Cebu.

My question now, who can be compensated? Only those who lost a family member or relative or everyone including those that are now being treated at hospitals and thos that eventually will be found?

Also, when you say “the next of kin”, who do they exactly mean? Next of kin by affinity or consanguinity? (help me out here my lawyer readers) We may be hearing next about family members battling it out in court to resolve who will be the rightful “heir” to the compensation that will be given by sulpicio.

Furthermore, I hope they would delete the phrase “There is no need to hire the services of a lawyer” it gives a wrong signal. Let them get a lawyer if they have to. Or maybe you could advice them instead to just get 1 lawyer to minimize the professional fee that they will pay or just get a lawyer from the Public Attorneys office.

I was supposed to post the names of those in the Passenger Manifesto, but i don’t feel good doing it. Just go to the Sulpicio Lines website for more information.

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  1. July 3, 2008 7:53 pm

    Join me in the Blogswarm to Stop Sulpicio Lines.. July 4-5 more info at

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