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Blogging what I feel – is that bad?

June 26, 2008


Just recently, a blog friend of mine got into “trouble” about an article he posted in his blog. That’s what he felt at the moment. Angry, he posted what he felt during that moment. The post was about what he felt about the person who somewhat betrayed him.

One reader commented in that post which empathized with him.

After a couple of days, he was forced to take down the article because he was being harassed terrorized and got threats that he’ll get sued.

From my point of view, the article was made in a way that it provides support information needed to prove the point. Its really just embarrassing for the person which the article is directed to.

So you’ll say, were is Freedom of expression? The answer is, you can express, but up to a certain limit. And that’s the law – or should i say, that’s how i understand it. Express your thoughts and feelings but it should not inflict harm on other people. Ouch. Really, that’s hard to do for someone who has a feeling of anger and hatred. What if you are really angry with one person? Does that mean never make a blog post when you are angry? Yes its hard, but then you’ll hear someone say “that’s how civilized people do it”.  If you want a brawl, go back to the land of time. =p

Wait, when does inflicting harm on someone start? What if you are just saying what really happened, based from your experience. I think inflicting harm starts when you go beyond what really happened, when you tell lies. Like for example if you say Juan threw a big boulder at you but in reality he only threw a small stone, then i think that’s what the law says “inflicting harm”. As they say, the TRUTH HURTS. Now, if the subject of your post got hurt or his reputation got tarnished because the public was able to know his negative side, he can go to court for trial under the supposed to be all knowing Judge.

So, how do you provide negative information about someone or something without inflicting harm on the subject? Two ways:

  • Tell only the truth, no additions and
  • Through the proper use of words.

If you these two, i don’t think you’d get into trouble. But if you do, i hope that our LAW would favor you.

While writing this article these statements came into my mind:

I told my friend, “why did you take down the post, you could have fought this injustice.” Then he said “I don’t want any more trouble”. After doing so, there were no more “i will sue you” and a dialog is underway.

So a reminder to bloggers on blogging what you feel, only blog when you are in your proper state of mind. I hope i remember this. =p

You can only use the Law until you know how to be a civilized individual.


The law can only be used by civilized individuals.


Sometime, the more civilized way of straightening out differences is by sitting down and about it.

I guess those are original quotable quotes =p.

Note: I forgot where i got the picture. Sorry.


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