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WOW: Air Supply in Davao

June 17, 2008

A lot of things happened over the weekend.

We had the Davao Bloggers Party last Sunday and Father’s Day Celebration the following day, Sunday.

Sunday was also the day when the hit duo AIR SUPPLY visited Davao City. They had a concert at Holy Cross Gym.


It was jam packed!

06152008779 06152008780

The crowd roared when the two singers of air supply went out which signaled the start of the show.


Thanks to whoever brought Air Supply here in Davao City. I’m a big fan of this group(?). I don’t know the names of the singers. I just love their music. And i think it was evident that a lot of Dabawenyos love them too.

My father used to send lots of tapes of different singers from Saudi Arabia back home in Manila. I grew up with their music. And maybe that’s what influenced me to be a music lover.

But there was this lady, make that two ladies, in front of us who kept on waving their hands and trying to get the attention of the singers.. Both never got tired. From the beginning until everyone stood up for the finale number, their hands were still raised. Showing the “you rock” sign like this  \m/

Oh well, i still enjoyed it even with that small annoyance.

06152008796 06152008800

Everyone stood up when both singers went down the stage and approached the crowd. It was a small area – compare to the Araneta Coliseum – so they we’re able to cover (walk) more area.

Just one suggestion though to the organizers, they had tons of “events staff” which didn’t know what to do or i guess did not expect that the two will be going down. They relied on the security guards who escorted the two singers. But was cool… no one got hurt and only those real fanatics was able to pass the security surrounding the two singers.


And speaking of events.. I found a site where you check and add your Filipino event. It’s Filipino Village. See upcoming events of pinoys around the world.. Nice huh? Now you’ll be updated in case there’s an event in your area. Like hey, there are hundreds of pinoys scattered all over the world.

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  1. Aize Rollo Van den Eynde permalink
    July 24, 2008 1:46 am

    I arrive Davao city on June 12 from Leest-Mechelen BELGIUM, and while I am in VictoriaplazaMall shopping June 15 at 7:45 pm. I suddenly saw a big banner advertizing in a glass window of a religious gift shop about a concert of AIR SUPPLY in Holy Cross of Davao at 8:00 pm. I GOT EXCITED AND GOT PANIC and ask the salesgirl inside if is it true AND WHERE I CAN SECURE A TICKET! She told me that she has still one and shes about to go and needed companion! So I shouted of happiness OH MY GOD!!! I didnt expect and dont know anymore what I did, We call a taxi leaving my companions in the restaurant no explanations I leave my bag and wristwatch to be sure I am not holdup or rub where I am going So I arrive in Holy Cross just on time past 8:00pm I cant believe it I was sitting there I creid of joy IT WAS 2HOURS nonstop music of my favorite songs until 10pm I JUST LOVE THIS DOU SINCE 1980’s Love you AIZE

  2. Aize Rollo Van den Eynde permalink
    July 24, 2008 1:51 am

    oh yes i forgot to tell i bought a black tshirt with air supply label on it I WAS THERE i love you bye aize

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