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High electricity cost, Meralco, Juday

June 10, 2008

I’ve been wanting to blog about the High electricity cost – Meralco issue since the first news over at ABS-CBN news online was posted.

But I have several opinion regarding this. And its just only now that i’m able to sum it all up.

  • Meralco is a private company with stockholders and investors. Naturally, It wants high profits.
  • Price of electricity is dictated by meralco but is (or should be?) REGULATED by the Government – Energy REGULATORY Commission (ERC).
  • Meralco Can not increase prices of electricity without the approval of the Government.
  • Similarly, Merlaco can’t impose fees and charges without the Government’s approval.

Ok.. Lets say meralco is greedy… again, higher profits means good business. But what did the Government do to “moderate the greed“? Ummm…. ok.. so its only now that they are seeing the effects of their carelessness and lack of strict implementation  of the rules (if ever they have it).

Meralco thought of something bright.. ‘why have a company of our own where we can get the power that we need?”. And so they did. And people now are saying that this is the cause of the high prices. But.. isn’t it the Meralco is getting most of the power from Napocor which is also a Government owned/controlled corporation? Again, what is the Government doing to make the cost of what meralco is getting from Napocor lower than the other power producers?

Winston Garcia comes in the picture.. out of nowhere. Saying that he has the right to question these things because GSIS – Government – partly owns the company. But.. is it the right way to forcibly take it from the incumbents? Instead of taking in slowly but surely, ummm why did you plan to ignite this anti meralco campaign? Are you running for public office? Isn’t the money of government employees that you are “care taking” enough for your needs *cough cough

I believe, like everyone else, Meralco committed something wrong.. But isn’t the government part of the formula that resulted to this mistake? Kindly bump your heads on the wall will yah.. Or pinch your face.

Poor Judy Ann Santos… A known personality who was only tasked to explain the side of Meralco on one issue.. the System Loss. Now she’s the issue. Some people, groups, and those in Government – Administration inclined – (surprise surprise…) is criticizing the poor actress. Some groups are even calling for a boycott of her films and activities which some lawmakers – admin side (surprise surprise again..) have joined as well. HUH?

They are saying that the actress allowed herself to be used by Meralco in giving wrong info about the topic… But isn’t that what politicians do during election season? Oh well, as the saying goes “ang magnanakaw galit sa kapwa magnanakaw”.

I hope the VACC, who called to boycott Judy Ann, would also do the same during election. Call the public to boycott all artists that would support a politician because what they will only tell are “LIEs”, Right mister Dante Jimenez?

But going back to the Issue.. High electricity costs.. Meralco is to blame.. The Government should also be blamed… But as a user, don’t you think you should also be blamed? If you use too much electricity, there will then be a need to produce more power which is rather getting a bit difficult to do.

What if, the likes of Dante Jimenez and those on Government will start saving electricity. Less consumption, more supply of power. More supply, less cost. Or am i just imagining these things?

By the way, I’m the one paying our electric bill for our house in Manila.I pay an average of P1,600 per month and increases to P2,000 during summer and months with holidays. What are we doing to minimize our electricity costs?

  • Schedule and put a limit to the time of watching TV – During Lunch and evening 6:30 pm until 9pm except weekends.
  • Less charging of Mobile phones – only one phone should be charged in a day.
  • No more use of water dispenser.. Use the fridge.
  • Unplug all electronic devices when not in use.
  • Use energy efficient lights and use less light at night.
  • Only one electric fan should be open during the day.
    Also, have your electric wirings checked. They might be the cause of high electricity costs.
      Our Company pays P20,000 for our monthly electric bill here in Davao. Whoah!
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    1. June 10, 2008 8:12 pm

      Thanks for the visit. What pic of mine did you borrow Migs? 🙂

    2. May 20, 2009 11:17 pm

      Good site,, I will definitely visit again.

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