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Going back home – to Davao City!

May 9, 2008
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I miss Davao!

But i won’t miss it any longer.. coz today, I’m going back home.. Davao City is my home!

I was here in Manila for 2 weeks.

My time was mostly devoted to taking care of my Mom which had a major operation (as what the nurse said). Her ovaries were taken out due to Mayoma and next year, she’s scheduled for another operation to extract her gall bladder stones. She’s still recuperating at home. I hope she gets well sooooon! When i left her todaym she was still a bit dizzy. But i have to go back to the Davao coz of my work.. you know.. no work no pay.. No pay means.. well.. you no the rest.. hahhaha

My Manila vacation was also full of blog related events – on the side. Coz my Davao Blogger friends and Avatar Media partners are also here. It started with the iBlog4, then the Manila tour, the event, the Pyrolympics, and the Little Losers blogger-con.

I was also busy preparing for my wedding next year. Sponsors anyone? =p More about this on my future post.

I also attended some birthday celebrations and other personal stuff.

2 weeks is not enough.. I wanted to stay longer because of my Mom and my “wife to be” who will miss me for another 2-3 months.

I’ll be back in Manila in August.. After the Kadayawan festivities!

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  1. May 18, 2008 7:43 am

    Hey Migs. Look forward in catching up with you by August!

  2. Darius permalink
    November 18, 2016 11:09 pm

    Excuse me,,, sir/ madam
    I would like to ask Why? your base in manila…while davao is abundance of anything! Cause im planning to retire in davao someday, are they have good for business like to own a live stock, own a apartment, or as a regular average people what kind of business to engage in davao in order me to survive! There in davao? Thank you

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