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On the SPOT food trip – part 1

May 5, 2008

We were lucky (thanks to Aileen) to have been able to join the event at the Bonifacio High Street and Serendra last Monday – April 28, 2007 which also coincided with the Birthday of Davao’s Blogging Queen, Ate Ria.


It’s my first time in Boni High but i’ve heard and have read blogs about it. It was really high.. a high level venue built for the high class people in this third world country.

And before this post goes out of topic… let me now take you to a half day event full of eating  as we invaded more than 20 food establishments and did some food tasting!


We followed the map given to us…

Krispey Kreme

  • Krispey Kreme is like the “Pasalubong sa Davao”. Whenever me and my officemates would return from our vacation here in Manila, we would always have boxes of Krispey Kreme to give out to our other officemates.


Texas Roadhouse Grill

  • They didn’t expect us. They thought there were only 4 groups. But they still managed to bring out a delicious meal! I like the seafood pasta. Wasn’t able to take a picture but it sure was delicious! I also like the ambiance of the resto. Nice to go to with friends!



  • Food was great… I like the “squid rice” and the chickenspot-16b


<youtube video to follow>

Starbucks coffee



  • They served a chicken meal… I don’t know what it was but it smelled nice but was spicy! Not my kind of meal.



  • Food perfected… Do i have to say more?



New Orleans

  • youtube video to follow


We were able to finish the first round quickly even though we were the last to start (we were late to arrive). The secret… Ask our impromptu events organizer and birthday  girl, Ate Ria. But really, the trick here is not to over eat.


I liked all the restos that we went to for this part. I’ve tried most of them before. And most of them already have frequent customers. The only thing that separates these establishments are:

  1. Price
  2. Customer service
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  1. May 5, 2008 9:42 pm

    Have you tried Brazil Brazil? The all-meat eat all you can buffet is just to die for – that is, if you are a carnivore. Ha ha.

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