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Bloggers by the Bay

May 4, 2008

Still part of our Manila Tour, we had a cruise of Manila Bay via the MetroStar Ferry.

manila tour-84 

It’s my second time to cruise Manila Bay, the first was when me and my “wife to be” celebrated our anniversary. We had a 1 hour cruise with dinner and live band.

Benj had to go home so it was only me, Juned, Jay, Aileen, Drew, Winston plus Blogie who took the ride.

manila tour-64

Time of departure was 5pm and the next scheduled trip was 7pm. We took the 5pm ride to have a glimpse of the sunset which was slightly shy due to the heavy clouds which, fortunately, only brought some drizzle.

When we were allowed to go outside the deck, we immediately pulled out our cameras and started taking pictures.

manila tour-67

 manila tour-76

When it started to rain, we had no choice but to go inside.. but that didn’t stop us from taking pics!

 manila tour-78  manila tour-79

The excitement and enthusiasm seems to have been left somewhere out on the bay when we we’re on our way back…

manila tour-82   manila tour-83


You can find the MetroStar Ferry cruise at the left side of the Mall of Asia beside/near the church and/or across the MOA Convention Center (i don’t know the name).

We paid P120.00. Be sure to be there on time or 10 minutes before boarding time or else, the ferry will not wait for you.

If I’m correct, MetroStar Ferry is also the one being used in Pasig River ferry ride.

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