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Manila: San Agustin Church tour

May 3, 2008

The Davao Bloggers had a chance to visit some of the wonderful places in Manila…

We called this our Manila Tour..

Juned was the tour guide (No Service charge!). I wasn’t able to join during the morning tour but Jay and I followed the others – Benj, Aileen, Drew, Winston – to the next destination – San Agustin Church / Museum..

manila tour-1


That’s also were this pic of Winston was taken.. wondering what a vending machine was doing inside a museum.


There’s also this Bamboo organ.. I don’t know how old this is… but i think its verrry old….

manila tour-49

We also witnessed 2 back-to-back weddings. They say its expensive to use the San Agustin Church for weddings… I wonder why.. are popular churches such as San Agustin only for the rich? Is that part of the teachings of the Church?

manila tour-48

By the way, there’s a P150.00 entrance fee at the museum.

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