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Brian Gorrel’s blog is blocked

April 29, 2008

I got a comment in one of my posts that Brian Gorell’s Blog is blocked in their office:

By: gayle on April 28, 2008

12:43 pm

please post it here the whole story of brian gorrel’s blog because i can’t access at office his site because it was blocked. really want to read is whole blog. thanks!

Well, its not the first time that I’ve heard of a controversial stuff in the internet that is being blocked.

But the question is why? Why restrict a person from accessing this particular site (blog)? Maybe there are a lot of employees from gayle’s office following Brian’s story. Or maybe gayle is working for one of the offices owned or controlled by those involved?

How many of you my readers also experience this?

But there’s a way for you to bypass your strict company internet administrator… As they say.. if there’s a will.. there’s a way!

So your expecting me to tell you what it is?

Sorry… but i won’t tell you about anonymous proxies because that’s bad…


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