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There are now 88.5 Million Pinoys!

April 19, 2008

88.5 Million!

Dami ng pinoys!

In a report, the government said that the number of Filipinos grew nearly 16 percent to 88.57 million as of August 2007 from 76.50 million in May 2000.

By 2009, with a projected population of 92.22 million, the Philippines will consume 9.75 million metric tons of rice, higher than the expected 9.56 million metric tons to be consumed by Filipinos this year.

Compared with its Southeast Asian peers, the Philippines’ population growth rate was much higher compared to Malaysia, which had a 2.1 increase from 2001 to 2006 and Vietnam with 1.4 percent hike during the same period. The population of Indonesia and Thailand posted a growth rate of 1.3 and 0.8 percent respectively.

But the 2.04 percent population growth is a slowdown from the 2.34 percent average in 1990-2000. It was also lower than the 88.71 million projection earlier made by the government.

GMA News

Over population (Can we use MEGA OVER population instead?) is brought about by many factors… I’m not here to name all of them. In ComVal, where i work, its like a game of who has the most number of family members… There are big communities. Most of the time they are all relatives.

I plan to have a small family.. A wife and 2 kids would be fine for me. Its not like before that the more members you have, the happier your family is… You can have a happy family even if you have just one child. As they say.. 2 is a crow… what more pa kaya yung 3.. eh yung 88.5 million? =p

By the end of 2008 kaya ilan na tayo? =p


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