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ZTE invades Mining industry

April 7, 2008

The controversial company from China – Zhong Xing Telecommunications Equipment (ZTE) Corp, has yet another controversy to add to its list.

According to news reports, the Government (Malacanang) has entered into a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with ZTE International Investments Ltd. – one of the subsidiaries of the company which is also the one being linked to teh ZTE scam – to do mining operations in one of the famous gold mines here in the country, the Agusan-Davao-Surigao Forest Reserve or popularly known as Diwalwal.

This was done just recently. Before this happened, the Supreme Court decided to give the government the GO signal to enter into deals again.

The June 2006 decision gave the government full control and supervision over mining operations in Agusan-Davao-Surigao Forest Reserve known as the “Diwalwal Gold Rush Area” after it affirmed the cancellation of all exploration permits earlier issued to other private mining firms.

Southeast Mindanao Gold Mining Corporation (SEM-GMC) – a mining company based in Mindanao, filed a motion to the supreme court to reverse the Supreme Court decision on letting the government – through the Philippine Mining Development Corporation – supervise mining operations in Diwalwal.

But according to reports, the government entered into the MOU a month after the SC decision was released. (that quick?).

SEMGMC’s motion for reconsideration is still pending resolution before the SC, and that the proximity of the date of the decision and the execution of the MOU is such that the MOU could not have been executed if not for the decision rendered by the First Division.

“By this manifestation, respondent SEMGMC does not, with all due respect to the Honorable Court, suggest any irregularity. In order, however, to remove any cloud of doubt as to the judiciousness of the Court’s resolution on the constitutional issue of Proclamation 297, SEMGMC respectfully reiterates its prayer that the resolution of its motion for reconsideration be elevated to the Court en banc and be heard on oral arguments,” it said. – GMA News

First it there was a Broadband issue , then Territory issue, now Mining issue… Is it time for me to post an article entitled “China invades the Philippines?”

I won’t be surprised if China will control the air over the Philippines.

But let me warn you ZTE, once you step foot on Diwalwal, you might not be able to leave.. alive.. or worst, that could be your burial ground.

Diwalwal was one of the locations for a film staring Josh Hartnett.

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