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Lunch @ Riverwalk Grill

April 6, 2008

Its a place where crocodiles don’t eat humans… but the other way around…

Riverwalk grill beside the Crocodile Park.. delicious crocs.. grilled crocs, sisig crocs, Kaldereta crocs, baby back croc ribs..

Its called Riverwalk because its beside the Davao River.

Its my first time to eat croc meat.. we had the croco sisig.

It smells different than other meats… but tastes good… I ate half of the plate.

I ordered watermelon shake. I hope they take out the seeds first before they blend the watermelon.. hehehehe

Here are parts of the crocodile which you can “grab a bite”:

Thanks again to the following:

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  1. ladybee permalink
    July 10, 2009 11:14 pm

    no, thanks. i’m on strict diet.


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