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Rainy summer in Davao

March 29, 2008

It’s Summer..

But its a rainy one here in Davao.. and brader blogie doesn’t like it.. Here’s why:

One: Some streets in Davao become waterways after only an hour’s downpour.
Two: Taxis suddenly become scarce the moment it starts to rain.

Here in ComVal, its also raining.. ALMOST EVERYDAY!


On normal days, the temperature its not that hot compared to Davao… Its actually COLD here starting 6:00 pm until 8:00 am. And yes.. I always bring my jacket to fight the cold.. Imagine that..

Menawhile, in Manila, my dad is complaining of the extreme summer heat! He says he frequently gets dizzy.

Thank God i’m up here in the bundowks… I enjoy both worlds.. umm make that 4 worlds:

  • The somewhat Baguio cold
  • The heat of the summer (during mid day)
  • The heat of the Hot Springs!
  • And Nature – lots of fruits and fresh air!
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