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Enchanted Puryah

March 24, 2008

One Saturday night, me and some blogger friends decided to have some fun!

We went to…


Well.. wish lang namin merong ganyan dito sa davao… So dun na lang kami sa local version pumunta…


I forced my friends to ride the roller coaster!!!

WAHAHAHAHHAHA… not that one…

This one..

Blogie had this face (see the guy at the back)

Oh, this is how ria and gwing looked like…


It was fun!!!!

I tried to persuade them to ride the octopus but i received death threats that’s why i didn’t really pushed it. wahahahhahahahahahah

Its the second time i had fun at a local carnival here in Davao City. Just don’t go there alone ok?

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  1. March 24, 2008 8:04 pm

    Waaaa, ang cute ni ate Ria. 😀

  2. March 28, 2008 3:17 pm


  3. December 13, 2008 11:39 pm

    hahaha… di pako nakpunta jan.. lagi lng madaanan…

  4. Joy permalink
    April 16, 2012 2:47 am

    thanks for the laugh. you’re a genius!
    (fr a dabawenya now residing in california!)
    that picture of the gigantic ride had me for a second.
    pastilan dong buhakhak ko ug katawa!

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