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Janina San Miguel – rightful Bb. Pilipinas?

March 9, 2008

0815b.jpgThe recently concluded Bb. Pilipinas 2008 created a big buzz in the online world.

If you still don’t know why, Its because of the winner, Janina San Miguel.

Age: 17 years old

Mass Communications student at University of the East

Why did you join? “To gain a lot of experiences, new friends and opportunities” “Bata pa talaga ako, dream ko na ito talaga. Nakikita ko sa TV and I think it’s a nice experience. I knew then that I would try it.”

What makes you stand out from the rest? “My confidence and my personality, even if this is my first time in a big pageant. I was first runner-up in Miss UE.”

Why again? Here is a transcript of the question and answer portion which she was included as one of the final four:

Paolo Bediones: Janina, how are you?
Janina San Miguel: I’m fine.
Paolo Bediones: Alright, so you won two of the major awards – Best in Long Gown, Best in Swimsuit, do you feel any pressure right now?
Janina San Miguel: No, I don’t feel any pressure right now.
Paolo Bediones: Confident! Alright! Please choose a name of the judge.
Paolo Bediones: We have Miss Vivienne Tan.
Vivienne Tan: Good Evening.
Janina San Miguel: Good Evening.
Vivienne Tan: The question is, what role did your family play to you as candidate to Binibining Pilinas?
Janina San Miguel: Well, my family’s role for me is so important b’coz there was the wa- they’re, they was the one who’s… very… Hahahaha… Oh I’m so sorry, Ahhmm… My pamily… My family… Oh my god… I’m… Ok, I’m so sorry… I… I told you that I’m so confident… Eto, Ahhmm, Wait… Hahahaha, Ahmmm, Sorry guys because this was really my first pageant ever b’coz I’m only 17 years old and ahahaha I, I did not expect that I came from, I came from one of the top 10. Hmmm, so… but I said that my family is the most important persons in my life. Thank you.

Thanks to

Here’s the video:

Maybe she had high scores in the other portions of the event. Or is it erased and only the score in question and answer portion is used to get the winner?

Here, I think she was rattled. And that she could have given a good answer if it wasn’t for her “stage freight”. But again, she should have came in prepared… right?

Then we’ll hear someone say “She’s just human” in tagalog, “tao lang siya”. Ok… if you didn’t get the answer right, then should you pass the test?????

But wait, even if she was able to give a good answer, based from her grammar and pronunciation/delivery, did she deserve the crown?

Oh, she didn’t answer the question “what role did your family play to you as candidate to Binibining Pilinas?

Now, why did she win?


Check out the dance remix video.

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  1. yoj permalink
    March 8, 2009 11:29 pm

    hi.. it would have been better if janina san miguel represented our country for ms world pageant 2008. danielle was not even included in the semi finals, barrientos and fernandez niether.. so who could ever judge janina? she has indeed and great body and charm.
    long last janina! you are great!

    • butch agoncillo permalink
      April 17, 2011 12:52 pm

      I agree she deserve to represent the Philippines … she can have an interpreter like those Latinas

  2. boyet salazar permalink
    April 17, 2011 12:47 pm

    It doesn’t matter if she wasn’t able to answer correctly in English and I am sure if she responded in Tagalog she would be able to deliver the correct answer to the quetion … she deserve to represent the Philiipines to the Ms. World … it doesn’t make a big difference if she can’t speak in straight in English like those Latina beauties (Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Spain, Colombia, Mexico etc.) who have won International Beauty Titles who doesn’t know how to speak simple English words unlike Janina who tried her best ….

  3. mikaela fernandez permalink
    April 17, 2011 12:55 pm

    who are you to judge her … at least she tried to answer the question. She has the looks, charm, body and charisma … it’s a beauty competition not brain competition …


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