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Grab a Grub at Metro Grub

February 24, 2008


The 9th stop of the Davao Food Trip was at Metro Grub located at the Metro Avenue Compound at the back of Gaisano Mall.

Look at these mouthwatering meals…

chicken-teriyaki.jpg farmers-stew.jpg

Chicken Teriyaki and Farmer’s Stew

jamaican-chicken-jerk.jpg omelette-rice.jpg

Jamaican chicken jerk and omelette rice

pork-steak.jpg  spicy-garlic-riblets.jpg

Pork Steak and Shank and Beans

For appetizers, they served “Sinuglaw” = grilled pork and fresh tuna soaked in vinegar.

Whenever i eat sinuglaw, I just pick out the pork and leave the tuna =p But thier sinuglaw was different. I tasted the “sauce” and it was good.

They also served some chips with a dip. I wonder where they get those chips… yummy!

They recently added more dishes on their menu and I tried one. The Tenderloin Steak.

“Tamang Timpla”.. i tasted something sweet, sour, salty, and spicy blended into one nice steak. But i felt something was “missing”. I think its the sauce. The dish was sumkinda dry. Imagine eating a rocky road flavored ice cream that has already melted. Tastes great but its lacks the ice cream effect.
And i told this to the owner and she said they will see what they can do about it.

They have these for desert:

brownie-ala-mode.jpg craving-buster.jpg

Brownie ala mode and Craving Buster

We had Turonnetes for desert. Mini turon (sliced banana wrapped in lumpia wrappers) and instead of coating it with sugar, it was laced with chocolate!


Don’t be fooled by the size.. Its small.. but its yummy. You’ll be craving for more!

What you’ll love about Metro Grub is that their meals are not too expensive.  You’ll enjoy a meal for less than P99.00.

So Grab a Grub at Metro Grub!

Grub means meal. 

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