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LTO Chief kinotongan ng traffic enforcer

February 4, 2008

GMA News reports that Alberto Suansing, the new chief of the Land Transportation Office (LTO), was flagged down by a traffic officer in Manila.

To make the short story long…. Mr. Suansing have committed a violation and the traffic enforcer offered an “amicable settlement”- MONEY – rather than offering the violator a ticket.

Mr. LTO chief gave the enforcer money and then informed Mr. Officer that he is the head of of LTO perhaps by showing his ID.

Mr. Traffic Officer trembled with fear and apologized to Mr. LTO Chief.

There’s no word yet what happened to the enforcer. Nice move Mr. traffic enforcer. Kahit chief ng LTO kinokotongan! hahahhaha

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  1. jekbu permalink
    February 9, 2011 2:59 pm

    tama yan. wala boss boss.. pag may violation.. kotongan!!!


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