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ABS vs GMA war, why are they dragging us in it?

January 14, 2008

We all know that the network war between GMA channel 7 and ABS-CBN channel 2 has been going on for years decades. But its only now that i think things have worsen.

gma_logo.png  abs-cbn_logo.gif

I’m 50-50 on both networks when it comes to news and public affairs, although its GMA that delivers the news for free – both video and radio- over the internet, whereas ABS-CBN is offering their news for a fee. On entertainment, im 90-10… 90% for ABS-CBN.. I don’t watch GMA soaps and drama shows.

Nowadays, Its a good thing that I don’t watch TV often, but whenever i get to sit in front of the TV, i often see ads pertaining to the alleged ratings manipulation. ABS started it, then GMA counters, then ABS has another rebuttal…

And i think there’s no stopping this giants for bickering in front of the millions of TV viewers.

And oh.. they’re not just fighting on air, their also fighting online!

I’m a feed subscriber of Both ABS-CBN news and GMA News.

And for the past days and weeks, I’ve been seeing news feeds regarding the issue. And take note, its not just one news feed.. you’ll see MULTIPLE feeds for the same story/item. Sometimes with different titles. Sometimes with the word “(UPDATE)” on it. Geeeze..

For those of you who’s somewhat confused of what’s happening, take a look at this:

ABS: May dayaan sa ratings. Nadadaya ang ratings!
ratings company: Promo ng GMA yun.
GMA: Hindi kami nandaya, di namin gaawain yun.
ABS: Nandya talaga kayo sabi ng testigo.
GMA: May promo kami pero hindi kami nandadaya. Di namin empleyado yang testigo niyo.

ABS: Magsasasampa kami ng kaso laban sa ratings company
Ratings company: ok
Court: Hoy ABS, premature ang pagsampa nyo ng kaso, kasi hindi pa kayo nag uusap ng ratings company at kailangan ng ilang buwan pa bago kayo makapag sampa ng kaso.

GMA: Ayan, buti nga, nadismis ang kaso.
ABS: Premature filing lang, hindi pa kami talo

ratings company: ABS, Kakasuhan namin kayo kasi di kayo sumunod sa contract. dapat inayos muna natin ito ng sa atin lang bago kayo nag demanda
ABS: Ok, at least nailabas namin sa publiko ang nangyayaring dayaan.

Testigo: Opo binibigyan kami ng pera kapalit ang panglipat ng channel
Ratings Company: Ayon sa aming pananaliksik, may mga kakaibang pangyayari nga. (ayaw pang deretsuhin)

GMA: Maglalabas kami ng Ads! Everyday! During primetime.. yung maraming nanonood.
ABS: Kami din! Baka maglabas pa kami ng ads sa dyaryo.. sa billboards, sa MRT at LRT, sa mga BUS!

ABS viewers: Mandaraya ang GMA
GMA Viewers: Di mandaraya ang GMA, gawa-gawa lang yan ng ABS kasi natatalo sila sa ratings.

…at hanggang ngayon, naglalaban parin ang 2 station pati na ang kani-kanilang mga viewers.

You’ll say “The Filipino people deserves to know the truth” But why do i feel that the main reason for all of this is for increase in income? The truth is.. the higher the ratings … the more advertisers. The more ads, the better the income. So the primary goal for all of this is letting the ads companies know that ratings are being manipulated and they are putting their ads on the wrong station/network/showsMy dear networks, its the content that your viewers are after, not the ratings. Oh you already know that.

Why not do this, Ask SWS or Pulse Asia to conduct a survey of which station is the best, and which programs are really #1? So far, these companies are still credible.

I believe that your viewers deserve to know the truth.. But can’t you just do it in a quiet and “peaceful” way? Maybe you could update your viewers once a week regarding the development of the case/issue?

Why are you dragging your viewers into your fight? Don’t you think you’re just adding flame to the fire? Do you see that you are now one factor why our nation is divided?

Continue the fight, but I just hope and pray that you’d stop SHOUTING at each other.

Nakakarindi na po.

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  1. January 18, 2008 10:08 pm

    holy crap. your article was said very well. You wrote all of that right? the concise version is very witty. nice one.

  2. June 19, 2009 6:37 pm

    pag puyo ra gud abs is the best for all davaowenyo……..this is abs republic……….??////////

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