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The Davao Christmas Experience

December 25, 2007

I went to my nanay Daisy’s house before 8pm. Nanay Daisy is a friend whom i’ve met even before i got to work here in DC.

We heard mass at San Pablo Parish. They had a mini “drama” before the start of the mass – the story of how Jesus was born.


The homily of the priest was about Christmas being commercialized. It was also the message of the head of CBCP. Father (the priest) made as example the latest Coke commercial where it says something like “Hindi kumpleto ang Pasko kapag walang coke” (Christmas is not complete without Coke). Father said it should be ” Hindi Kumpleto ang pasko pag wala si Kristo” (Christmas is not complete without Christ). I’d comment about this but i’ll just put it on another post..

The mass ended past 10pm. We went back to nanay’s house. She quickly prepared the table. We ate Noche Buena early coz nanay was hungry (well, me too!).


The Chicken Maryland was sooooooooo delicious. It was like chicken ala king from Greenwich but instead of rice, Chicken Maryland had mashed potatoes.


There was also the sweet apple pie!


Drinks… drinks.. drinks…


Aside from the wine and the sparkling grape juice we also have the usual san mig light and Coke! (sabi nga diba, di kumpleto ang pasko pag walang coke?.. add san mig light to that!)

The night was full of stories. It was really a solemn way of spending Christmas.

I went home around 1:00 am.. but that’s just to freshen up, coz some Davao friends also invited me to hang out in their homes.

I went home and slept around 4:00 am.

Even if firecrackers are banned here in Davao, I was still able to hear some occasional firecracker-like sounds. I don’t know if those were really firecrackers.

Also, i noticed on my way home that the famous Magsaysay Fruit Market was still open. A friend told me that the market is always open …. 24/7 even on Holidays!

So there.. That’s my Davao Christmas experience…

From Davao City, Malipayong Pasko!

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  1. January 3, 2008 7:14 pm


  2. January 3, 2008 7:15 pm

    merry christmas and happy new year!!!!!!!!


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