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Winning a Contest

December 12, 2007

We’ve just finished our Christmas Party here at our head office…We still have another party this Friday.

And our group WON 3rd place in the chorale singing competition.

I’m proud to say that I was the director, script writer, musical director, and vocal coach of the group. Unlike other groups, we didn’t hire any musical/voice instructor.. We relied on what we have singing 9 Christmas songs all in acapella.

Imagine, a group wher majority of the members are the not so young ones (tigulang in bisaya)being able to win a group singing competition! So what i did was to put some act for every song that we sing. And let the viewers enjoy what we have prepared. And they did.. The audience were laughing and giggling.

I was saying that we would win, and that we have a chance in winning coz i believe in my group.

I’m thankful to them for the cooperation and trust that they gave me.

Let me share you some of the things which i think made us succeed:


2. Determination

3. Cooperation

4. Listen and learn

5. Proper execution

6. Faith

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