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Transport Strike in Davao

December 12, 2007

TRANSPORT groups in Davao City are planning to stage a 36-hour strike from 12 noon of December 13 to midnight of December 14 in protest of the continuous oil price increases.Transport of Southern Mindanao for Solidarity, Independence, and Nationalism-Pagkakaisa ng mga Samahan ng Tsuper at Opereytor Nationwide (Transmision-Piston), in an email, said 95 percent of all associations of jeepneys, tricycle, and operators in Davao City will join the nationwide-coordinated strike.

About 17 associations under the Network of Transport Organizations of Davao City (Neto), 33 individual associations of jeepneys and operators under the Integrated District Tricycle Federation-Transmision-Piston, 33 jeepney associations under Transmision-Piston, one cooperative under Transmision-Piston are expected to join the event.

Transmision-Piston spokesperson Edil Gonzaga, in a press statement, slammed the government for being unable to stop the subsequent increases.

“Ang walay puas nga pagsaka sa presyo sa mga produkto nga petrolyo sama sa gasolina, kerosene, ug LPG nagpakita lamang sa epekto sa pagwala sa regulasyon sa industriya sa lana (The never-ending increases in prices of petroleum products like gasoline, kerosene ang LPG are just the results of deregulation of the oil industry),” the statement read.

It added: “Dugang palas-anon sa katawhan ang sagunson nga hampak sa pagsaka sa presyo sa lana hilabi na karon nga nagkagidlay na ang kalidad sa pamuyo sa katawhang Pilipino. Walay laing gihimo ang gubyerno kundili ang pagpakaluoy ngadto sa mga kompanya sa lana aron dili magpasaka sa presyo sa lana. Imbis nga maghimog mahukmanong lakang ang gubyerno samot hinoon kining nagpakaitoy sa mando sa mga langyawng dagkong kapitalista (This is additional burden to the Filipinos who is now suffering from low quality of life. All that government is doing is to plead to oil companies not to raise prices instead of taking actions, the government instead bows down to the dictates of big foreign capitalists).”

Protests such as these strikes will continue if the government does not do anything to address the situation, the group said. (Press release) Source: Sun Star Davao

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  1. December 13, 2007 12:36 pm

    What, 36 hours? That’s 3 days, are they crazy?

    The oil price hike must be hurting them so much. 😀

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