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Snatching in Davao

December 2, 2007

This is the first news that I have read of someone being snatched his/her belongings here in Davao.

It seems that the Bad guys are not afraid of Mayor Duterte.. Or maybe they think they can get away with it.

I guess we’ll be hearing/reading someone being ‘eliminated” by DDS soon.

A CALL center agent sought police assistance after her bag was snatched while she was on her way home past midnight Saturday.

Talomo police identified the victim as Beverly Cristy de Guzman, 25, of Doña Luisa Subdivision in Matina.

The suspect immediately fled onboard a motorcycle after snatching de Guzman’s bag.

According to the victim, she was walking home alone at around 12:10 a.m. inside the subdivision when she noticed a motorcycle following her.

The victim ignored the motorcycle and was stunned when the driver grabbed her metallic-gray bag and sped off towards an unknown destination.

De Guzman could not give a description of the suspect, saying the area when the incident happened was dimly lit.

The bag contained de Guzman’s personal belongings including a Nano iPod worth P11,000, a Sony Ericsson cell phone (model not disclosed) worth P22,000, wallet with P600 cash, driver’s license and other important documents.

Police are conducting further investigation to identify the suspect.

Source: SunStar Davao

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