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Its freezing cold in Compostela

December 2, 2007


Its cold here… in the mountains of Compostela Valley.

It was reported that temperature in Baguio City dropped to 10 degrees Celsius yesterday morning. While temperatures dropped to 19 degrees celsius in Manila (6am).

I don’t have a weather thermometer with me but I have been to Baguio and Tagaytay. And my guess is that our weather here is between 14 to 17 degrees celsius between 6pm to 7am.

Yep.. that’s how cold it is here. And we started feeling this late last month. An folks here say to expect more freeze on the last part of December and early January!

Good thing we have heaters on our showers. If not, i doubt it if people here would take a bath during the morning!

Between 9am to 4pm, the weather here is not that hot either… unlike in Davao City.

Next week, I’ll go to the city and by a weather thermometer. I’ll also check the temperature there… although Pagasa says its between 23-32 degrees Celsius.

Pic source: About Charlotte

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