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Observations on the recent mini coup

November 30, 2007

I’d just like to blog about SOME of my observations during the recent mini coup at the Manila Peninsula

  • How did Trillianes got out of the Makati City courtroom if he had lots of Military Police (MP) guarding him?

Trillianes said, the MPs have seen the light and now part of thier group and one with their cause.

AFP and Malacanang said that that’s not true and that the Guards were just following trillianes wherever he goes because that’s their orders – to follow trillianes wherever he goes.

Ang Gobyerno talaga, pinipilit kaming gawing bobo at tanga.

  • 11 million Filipinos voted for a senator whose aim is to overpower a government which he believes is illegitimate and has and is violating the constitution.

Who knows, he might also be vying for the title of National Hero

  • The APC (armored personnel carrier) had to go inside the hotel.

I think this is the most drastic and most devastating means of trying to kill force someone or a group of people to surrender.

Doesn’t tear gas or high pressure pumped water from firetrucks works nowadays? Is this the new standard in dispersal?

  • Media personnel complaining why they were detained.

I think what the government did was right. To round up everyone inside the room after a deadline was set, and after making several appeals to those inside the area to vacate the place.

Now, they’re complaining that they were ‘arrested”. Why won’t they be? They were warned and al.. but no.. they still decided to stay.

The trillianes-lim-magdalo website

Unfortunately, there are no more updates on this site. And as andrew puts it,  they need a lot of tips on creating a nice looking and informative site. The links page really doesn’t have any outbound links but it shows the groups that they are “linked to”. (I think that’s the literal meaning of link?).

Maybe the one updating this was also rounded up and now in jail.

I hope someone could also check whether the quotes from the National heroes in the site are true or correct… yah know.. might just be fabricated.

Like how were they able to get this quote from lapu-lapu:

“If the invaders had lances made of metal, we, men of Mactan, had lances made of wood, with tips hardened in fire.”


  • The curfew

Well.. they imposed it so no one would go out in the streets and and start another EDSA revolt (Edsa to the nth power).

But according to PCIJ, this is unconstitutional.

“The curfew imposition is unlawful and contrary to the Constitution — our right to liberty, our right to travel, our constitutionally guaranteed rights that cannot be curtailed or disregarded by executive order. The curfew is an illegal act,” Senate Majority Leader Francis Pangilinan said in a statement.

Lawyer and University of the Philippines professor Marichu Lambino also said the curfew is unconstitutional and void.

Section 6, Article III of the Philippine Constitution states: The liberty of abode and of changing the same within the limits prescribed by law shall not be impaired except upon lawful order of the court. Neither shall the right to travel be impaired except in the interest of national security, public safety, or public health, as may be provided by law.

According to Lambino, this means that without legislation, the President has no authority to curtail freedom of movement. Also, such a directive needs to be in writing and has to be published. Pangilinan added that even curfews imposed in town and barangays need local ordinance.

Another topic to add in GMA’s impeachment complaint next year..

  • Malacanang has done it again..

They imposed something (curfew) which they think and/or feel is unconstitutional or against the law and just face the consequences of their actions afterwards.. or better yet.. just say sorry and forget they ever did it.

Just to save their asses.

  • Manila Peninsula verry professional in handling the matter.

I think the management of Manila Pen were very professional in handling the situation. This observation is just based on news reports.

Umm.. who will pay for the damage? Does insurance cover acts of rebellion?

  • For the first time (as far as i can remember), the web page of the Office of the Press secretary was quick to update! has the reputation of being a not so good source of press info. hahhaha.. Normally you’d  have to wait for several days for the update.

I hope this is the start of something new.

  • One of the reasons why GMA 7 is # 1 is because GMA 7 makes the news available on their website fast, easy, and free.

Specially the video footages and LIVE radio broadcast. ABS-CBN aims to deliver the news fast and gain profit from it – hey.. there’s no business like news business. In fairness, they are now offering some free video on demand.

But still.. During times of crisis.. only GMA 7 delivers the news fast, and FREE.

  • Fewer and fewer people join / support this coup attempts.

People are sick and tired stressed out with this events. They have seen it happen before and so far nothing has changed.. they just add more problem to the ever problematic Philippines.

I suggest if you guys want to have a successful coup, then use other means..

As they say, “The cat has nine lives but there are more than nine ways to kill it”

The Government – specially the President – is happy right now that this part of the series or saga has ended. But i’m sure she’ll be facing more. And there will come a time when all of this will end.. their rein will end.. terror will just be part of history.

Why do i know this? Because it happens in the movies and tele seryes and sine seryes etc.. etc.. etc..

Lastly, If they used text messaging in EDSA DOS – which i’ll call ‘Text Revolution”. The next revolt would be powered by blogging… watch out..

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  1. jenny permalink
    November 30, 2007 5:52 pm

    in general i agree with your observations. i am quite disappointed at the way ANC conducted itself especially during the clearing operations. their team was detained and, yes, the authorities had the right to do so considering the gravity of the situation. i also hear that that team was being unruly and uncooperative during the clearing ops. they complained in tonight’s report that the media people were met by the soldiers when the Pen was breached by govt forces – hello! that is what needs to be done to secure the area and to secure the safety of those individuals who are not part of the moronic magdalo circus act. if they did not have their press passes, then those same individuals would most likely also whine if the same soldiers did not try to secure the area and their safety and instead go in with guns blazing in any direction….

    time to grow up Filipinos! to the 11 million people who were gullible enough to vote for a rebelious soldier who had alread broken his oath and the chain of command: WAKE UP! condoning such ill-conceived acts such as yesterday’s mishap will only perpetuate the stink and rot that is quickly eating away at the fabric of our social responsibilities as citizens.


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