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Pray the Rosary in Tagalog

November 22, 2007

Reposting from my main blog,


I received an email from Jun Asis, a Blogger friend.

I am going to ask probably the biggest favor I’ve ever asked of you yet. I won’t ask for money or blood =)

Fr. Stephen Cuyos, MSC ( and I ( collaborated to record (do a podcast of) the rosary in Tagalog and posted it online so anybody can download it for free. Our aim is to get more people to pray the rosary, specifically in Tagalog (though any language would be fine as long as the devotion is practised.). October is the month of the Holy Rosary and we figured that this would be a timely resource for anybody who would like to pray/know Ang Santo Rosaryo.

This is not link bait to get traffic going to our site. You do not even need to mention our names/blogs. We would just like to maximize the people we reach and the lives Jesus will touch through Mama Mary. We’ve placed the files at:

Last I checked, there were 228 downloads since we’ve posted the announcement in our blogs. Wouldn’t it be great if mp3 players contained these files too – praying while commuting or waiting? How about the Filipinos abroad who would like to teach their kids Filipino prayers? Or maybe some parish or organization would need assistance to teach praying the rosary?

Any help in spreading the word and devotion would be highly appreciated.

May our Mother, Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary watch over you and intercede for your concerns.

Thanks and God bless.

I’ve also converted the above files to aacPlus (aac+) on 32kbps 34000 Hz stereo. So from 27mb it went down to 6mb. Good for mobile phones (that can play aacplus files). Download it here.


I have upload it on my phone. Now i can Pray the rosary every time I’m on the road!


I suggest you do that too.. Instead of doing nothing inside the car, bus, FX, or jeepney…

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