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Aanhin pa ang damo kung nagbigti na ang kabayo

November 10, 2007

I didn’t want to blog about this earlier because I know it would ruin my “work mode” mood.

Who wouldn’t be sad to read or hear that a 12 year old girl named hangs herself because she thinks that there’s no more to life.. That they’d be poor forever.

My blog Friend Dom uploaded in his blog a picture of the Front page of a daily where her story was just below the entry about the “Cash gift from Malacañang”.

Mariannet Amper, a grade 6 student from Davao City, decided to end all her problems by hanging herself with a nylon rope.

Based from news reports, Mariannet asked for P100.00 (less than $2.50) from her father to buy something intended for a school project. Her dad, 49 years old, a construction worker, who was out of job that time, told Mariannet that he didn’t had any money.

Although her father was able to secure the money the following day, he was not able to give it to her daughter because she’s already dead.

The issues:

First, how come the incident happened on Nov 2, yet it was only published on November 9? Who reported it to the media? Is the cause of her death true? Has anyone verified it? I’m not sure about his coz my knowledge about her is only based from what i read in the news. And so far, all news sources have the same content about her death.

If its true then here are my other issues..

I thought public schools offer free education? Why does a student need to shell out money for a project? Can’t schools pay for the project instead? Or maybe they can find a Donor or sponsor for that project? My brother is studying in a public school. During enrollment, he was asked to pay some fees and buy some stuff that the school mandates. WHY?. Well, I just gave my bro the money he needed. I asked for a receipt, and until this very moment the school has not released any.

Next, what is the Local and National Government doing to address the situation? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

Add to this, the teachings of the church such as “GO AND MULTIPLY” or not to use contraceptives.

Finally, what are we, as ordinary citizens, doing to help alleviate ourselves and others from where we are now? I think 9 out of 10 individuals say that they want to improve their lives. But i feel that only 2 out of 100 50 individuals are doing something to attain that. I hope I’m wrong.

How many more Mariannets should we wait before we act?

When are we going to see the next Mariannet in the headlines?

If I, you, they act now, then I guess there would only be one Mariannet – in our lifetime that is.

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  1. November 22, 2007 1:07 pm

    Marami pang kabayo ang nanganganib. Like you said, we must act now. I think we can start by supporting NGOs that are accredited by PCNC.. Here’s a list:

    All donations to accredited NGOs are tax-deductible 🙂

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