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911 in Davao

November 8, 2007

Back then, I was fond of watching Rescue 911 on TV. It was on Channel 9. I became busy with school that i missed most of its episodes. And then i found out that it got axed. Its now back, at reality zone (cable channel).

Here in davao, its known as Central 911. But people still call it rescue 911 or just 911.

The Central Communication and Emergency Response Center which was patterned after the “911” in the US is a project that uses a special computer software to help authorities respond to distress calls. The project was conceived during the first quarter of 2002. It was developed and made possible to help in fighting crime and lawlessness in Davao City.

The launching of the “911” in Davao, made the Philippines the only country after the US and Canada to adopt the system. Using the 911 system, DLPC used a modified version of its Geographic and Information System—and called it the Emergency Computer Aided Dispatch (ECAD) to help authorities locate the origin of emergency calls. The system even tracks how fast the police could respond to the emergency calls. The system also uses color-coded icons to monitor movement and location of police mobile units: Blue for mobile units at rest; Red for on the move response and Green for onsite, which means that a mobile unit has arrived in the site of emergency. –

The Central 911 team is composed of the following:

> Urban Search and Rescue Services – USAR
> Fire Auxiliary Services – FAS
> Emergency Medical Services – EMS
> K9 Unit
> Police
Based on the statistics provided at the central 911 website,

CENTRAL 911 Call Center received a total of 9,266 calls for the second quarter (April to June) of this year.  A decrease of 0.53 % is noted compared to the first quarter of this year, 2006.  However, compared to the same period of last year, a 9.01 % increase was observed

I have used 911 twice now. Both to inquire about the cause of the recent mindanao-wide blackouts. hehehehe. Yep.. you can ask them about that. Instead of waiting for reports or hearing unverified news from unreliable sources.

One funny experience in relation to 911. We though of ordering pizza for meryenda. I was trying to look for the number of the establishment. Can’t find it. so i dialed 911-11-11. Turns out that that number can only be used in metro manila. Someone from 911 answered. I said i was sorry and that i was in need of food and not rescue!

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  1. katherine ann villanueva permalink
    January 15, 2012 7:13 pm

    hi! I’m from manila, I want to undergo training there in 911 Davao. Kindly email me the schedule of your training and fee. THank you very much.

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